Sellersburg, Indiana’s new Part 15 AM Radio Station

May, 28, 2018-by William C. Walker
The LPAM Network
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A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to visit a relatively new Part 15 AM radio station located in a Louisville, Kentucky suburb called Sellersburg, Indiana. KMSR AM 1700 or Community Service Radio is the brainchild of a local resident and business owner by the name of Jackie Smith. Jackie while being a transplant to the area has found a niche market for his station and has been welcomed by the Sellersburg community for the service that his business and Part 15 AM station provide to the town. Jackie is a former Broadcast Engineer and Opera Singer in New York and has multiple degrees in both fields.
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The station is located in the Popp Music Academy office in Sellersburg which happens to be a music studio and school for budding musicians. Jackie teaches music classes at his school and is able to promote the school and students/clients via the radio station. Live music shows from the students/clients are often aired on the spur of the moment on the station if the spirit moves them. Jackie will break into the current program and feed the audio from the music studio to the mixing board and air the music over the air for the listeners of KMSR. Interviews with current students/clients is also a regular part of the show. Commercials are aired from several local businesses including a barber shop and clock repair shop.
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Other local programs originating at the station include “Community Service Radio” which is aired live and also “Dangerous Subversive Radio” also live, and hosted by Tim Retallack, Russ Martin and station owner Jackie Smith. A variety of topics are covered and include both Conservative and Liberal views in addition to opinions and views from independent thinkers with views outside of the traditional box. Network shows that air from time to time include shows from Newsmax Radio Network, John Gibson on Genesis Radio Network, Alex Jones and also Wayne Allen Root on Genesis. One hour of Laura Ingraham’s show is also aired from a Podcast. Live Chromecast feeds are also used to provide breaking news as it happens.
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Covering the technical side of things, KMSR uses a new i.A.M. Version 5 Part 15 AM transmitter feeding a FCC Part 15 compliant Isotron Antenna cut for use in the upper end of the AM band. In the studio, a Behringer mixer is used for production while a venerable old Radio Shack mixing board is the primary studio board. Mic’s include a AKG Precision 220 and also BT Sky mic’s for studio guests. Automation software used is Linux based Dead Beef.