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The Starcom Radio Network is pleased to announce that the programming heard on their large network of Part 15 stations is now available to any Part 15 station that wishes to carry some or all of their shows. Listed below is a schedule of the shows as they are heard each week and during the specific days that they air. Contact Ed Tyll, the owner of the Starcom Network with any questions that you may have about the shows they air and potential use for your own station.


Monday through Friday

Ed Tyll all day live, all night best of Tyll for that day.

Ed Tyll's show is comprised of the following:

-Breaking News,
-Best Music 1920s to 2016 big hit songs all genres Rock Jazz Country Big Bands Pop
-Live Call Ins from guests and listeners

Saturday and Sunday

8 AM Laurie Zoock general topics
9 AM Katrina Madewell Home Talk, Real Estate
10 AM Pastor Marcia
1 PM Paranormal Outer Limits 2p Eric Jones Soul Music & Black Legends Interviews
2 PM Joy On Paper with Patzi Gil features National Best Selling Authors
3 PM Hollywood Connections with Dawn Reese features the movies, stars, showbiz news
4 PM Mia Williams Love Music

Each block of shows will repeat following this schedule.

Contact Ed Tyll for more information about how you can carry Starcom Networks shows.